The Tampa Police Department Community Partnership and Engagement (C.P.E.) squad was implemented to enhance the relationship between the agency and the community they serve.  This squad works to establish partnerships with community members, neighborhood leaders, and local businesses to improve the community.

The C.P.E. squad currently operates out of the Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) building located in District Two at 1924 E. Diana St.  This squad engages the community by providing informational sessions on subjects such as: crime prevention, establishing and maintaining successful neighborhood watch groups, proper car seat installation and inspection, participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters program, PAL youth sports programs, Tampa Night Out, and other special unique events to address the needs of the community we serve.  With generous donations from our community business partners and our citizens, the C.P.E. squad is able to conduct a vast array of community outreach programs and events to strengthen the bond between law enforcement and our community.






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